Custom Rides

Custom Rides

Custom Singletrack & Dual Sport rides in the Heart of the Rocky Mountains

ETMC is offering Custom Singletrack & Dual Sport rides for 2014 with Volunteer Outriders By and For Exit Tours Motorcycle Club Members

We can offer Custom Rides in the Heart of the Rocky Mountains with Volunteer Outriders with local knowledge.

Exit Tours M/C custom rides are free, non-competitive, non-commercial, recreational club rides for members only

In these Area’s:

• Alamosa Canyon
Custom Rides• Bonanza
• Crested Butte
• Divide Trail
• La Garita
• Leadville
• Old Cowtown
• Ouray
• Pitkin
• Rainbow Trail
• Sargents
• Southfork
• Taylor Park
• Telluride
• Woodland Park
• 4-Mile
• Moab
• Idaho
• New Mexico

Custom Rides does Not have to be just about Singletrack. We could also go explore Old Mines? Click Here to View!

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All of our ‘Outriders’ are Volunteers

Who are the Volunteer Outriders?

Our Club Members who would act as Volunteer Outriders are a diversified bunch. Some have lived in the area their whole lives. Some are current and former Pro riders. Some are Professional mechanix. A few are ‘A’ level enduro riders, and some are just normal guys who Love to ride. One is even an actual Historic Mining Tour Guide.

Custom RidesWe will attempt to fit you with the best ‘Outrider’ according to your tastes and desires.

How it Works:

This will be Peer to Peer Communication for Club Members only

We request at least 2 rider’s minimum + Outrider for Safety on all Custom Rides

All Custom Rides are for ETMC members ONLY

All of our Club member Outriders are Volunteers

Tips are appreciated and in most cases really appreaciated

You can work that out with your Volunteer ‘Outrider’

Our Club member volunteer Outriders would probably need new tires, a day or days away from their family, and they pay for their own gas, meals and lodging.

Please keep this in the back of your mind when speaking with your volunteer ‘Outrider’ about a custom ride in the Heart of the Rocky Mountains.

The Club takes no money from Custom Rides, but would like and appreciate your support at Trail Workdays and at Club Events

Your membership fee goes to pay back-end Website costs, for stickers and postage

This should be really Fun concept. Hang out with fun people, have a great time riding your motorcycle in the Heart of the Rocky Mountains.

More Info:

Most of our Volunteer Outriders have Basic + First Aid and CPR training, ride with a SPOT device and may carry a first aid kit.

But, Club member Volunteer Outriders are NOT Medics, nor sweep riders, they are NOT there to Fix your bike and Definitely NOT there to Hold Your Hand.

If you want or need that kind of attention, there are some un-named ‘Exclusive Rides’ in Colorado where all you need is an invitation and they will cater to you.

Club member Outriders are not ‘sweep’ riders and definitely NOT ‘Guides’. They just point the way until the next intersection.

If They Lead ? So be it

Custom Rides


When we receive an inquiry for a ride in the Heart of the Rocky Mountains, we contact the local club member in the area you specified who has expressed a desire to Volunteer in your specified area.

We will send each of you the other Club members profile: Email, Facebook and Phone number.

Custom RidesIt is then Up To You 2 to work out the details. If you cannot come to an amicable agreement, then send us another email. We are here to facilitate a Fun Ride.

Once you have sent your email and have received a response you are welcome to call.

Phone: 719-207-1189

This is peer to peer communication for and between Club members only

If the club member volunteer in the specified area cannot make the desired date work, we will move to the next name on the list.

We can offer* Custom Rides for Dealers, Suppliers and Other Clubs.

We can arrange Group Discounts on Lodging in Totally Epic Locations, catered meals, Rafting, Train rides and even Zip Lines.

Adult beverages can be procured and for a large enough group we can even arrange for a fuel truck or tote your own gas for you to a remote location. This would just depend on your budget* for a ride.

For 2014 there are 3 Blackout weekends when NO Custom rides will be held:

July 18-20th - August 1-3rd - August 15-17th

If you want to ride those weekends, see this site:

If you have any qualms about doing something Questionable, Do Not Sign-up

But if you want to go on a Bitchen’ ride on Awesome Trails in the Heart of the Rocky Mountains…….On loops you cannot or could not find on your own and don’t mind sharing the wealth,

Then by all means….

Ask your volunteer outrider before using a GPS TRACKing Device, as GPS is only ALLOWED on some Custom Rides


Custom RidesExit Tours Motorcycle Club rides are non-competitive and self-guided

These Rides are for licensed, insured riders with a street legal, quiet motorcycles with a USFS approved spark arrestor, but we do not inspect any motorcycles.

Our rides comply with USFS land use requirements, but there is no guarantee that it is permissible or legal to ride everywhere on our routes.

Most USFS and BLM Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM) are outdated, inaccurate and difficult to read even for the rangers, but especially for the general public.

Even in designated riding areas, USFS and BLM route signs are often missing, do not existent, are outdated, misplaced or confusing. In many areas private property boundaries are not well defined or even posted.

It is possible that anyone following a route could get behind closed gates or ride somewhere they are not supposed to be and possibly get cited or yelled at.

Colorado2dayEvery Exit Tours M/C member is advised of this in advance of a ride.

By participating in ANY Club event every Club Member takes full and sole responsibility for their actions and well-being, without exception.

Custom Club rides are not competitions, nor are prizes or trophies awarded.

All participants are on their own, riding at their own pace, at their own risk, and always have the option to follow the designated route or to follow another route of their choosing.

Exit Tours M/C custom rides are free, non-competitive, non-commercial, recreational club rides for members only

If you book a ride with an ‘Outrider’ and do not show up and you do not communicate your issues you will be banned from all future Club rides and Club communication.

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